A Bad Day With A Camera

Dew As You Will

Tuesday’s weather was wretched, with the only saving grace being that it was just enough above freezing that the blasts of snow throughout the day failed to accumulate to any degree. I put off going out for a photo for as long as I could, but I eventually grabbed a camera and a long lens figuring I would get some shots up and down Thomas Drive. I chimped the camera display on the way back home and the images were less than auspicious. That’s when I got a look at my front lawn.

A drop in the bucket, My Front Yard, Thornbriar Green, Strathmore, AB, 2024-04-16

As I had said previously, the snow was melting as it landed. In my hurry to get a shot from afar, I failed to notice the shot that was right under my nose. Or toes as it were. I slipped back inside and grabbed my SMC PENTAX-A 100mm f/2.8 manual macro lens and snapped it into place on the front of my R5. A moment later, I had a shot for the day. It’s funny how these things work out sometimes.

Today’s kit: A Canon EOS R5 with a SMC PENTAX-A 100mm f/2.8 macro lens mounted using a Fotodiox PK-EF lens adapter. The latter went onto the EF-RF adaptor on the Canon. Can you say jury-rigged? I knew you could.

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