A Bad Day With A Camera

Here Comes the Pain Again

Apologies to the Eurythmics, but ferfucksakes! We have snow coming in? AGAIN? The last batch had finally almost melted and we enjoyed a week of spring-like weather. Now the warmth has been snatched away like Lucy Van Pelt’s football and the cold and the snow are rolling back in. My spirits have dropped along with the temperature this evening.

Today’s plan had been to stroll to Gray Park tonight after supper and find some pussywillows to love up with a macro lens because they surely must be popping with last week’s heat. When the grass is greening up, the willows are popping.

Yeah, right. Good luck trying to do macro work in this low light and in this high wind. Snow is on the way tonight and temps will hover near freezing for the rest of the week. My phone is sending weather alerts every ten minutes to make sure I don’t forget what is headed our way. Bloody fucking hell. No wonder I take horse-sized antidepressants. Screw this weather.

Today’s images taken with my mobile phone because I wasn’t wasting a good camera on this shit.

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