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Lost & Found

The Canon Powershot G1X was released around 2012. It was one of the first digital point and shoot cameras to hit the market with a built-in lens, but also near APS-C sized CMOS sensor that clocked in at 14 MP. It was basically a slightly cut down sensor from the Canon EOS 7D, which explains the fantastic image quality for that time (and it is still good today). It was the first point and shoot to offer a decent sized sensor. I loved this camera to bits when I got it new and called it my pocket rocket. I took it everywhere with me until around 2019 when mobile phone cameras became good enough. I mean really good enough.

Canon Powershot G1X Test Run, Tom Sadler Bridge, Strathmore, AB, 2024-07-04

The G1X was portable compared to carrying around a dSLR with lenses, but quite a beast compared to a phone slipped into a pocket. The phone images were more than usable. The clumsier point-and-shoot was set aside and forgotten for a while.

When I started accumulating some older cameras to play around with on photo outings with my friend Ray, I looked for my G1X as I wanted to dig it out again. It wasn’t in any of my camera bags. It wasn’t in my gear closet. It didn’t get stashed into any of the tubs I store spare audio kit in for my weird online radio station I run as a hobby. Did the damn thing grow legs and up and walk off?

Yellow blossoms along the walking trail, Thomas Drive, Strathmore, AB, 2024-07-04

Yes it did. Sort of. My daughter was texting me on Canada Day frantically needing batteries as all of the ones she had for her Canon EOS 5Ds were dead. I went into her room to look for batteries and found my G1X sitting in a pile of photography gear on her bed, next to the Canon Powershot G10 I gifted her. I have no idea why she would have the G1X as I still had the charger and batteries for it, I was just missing the camera itself. Near as I can figure, the kid absentmindly grabbed it and took it because it looked close enough to her G10. Punk ass.

Well I have it back now and it’s mine. My own. My precious. Gollum. Gollum. I tried to take it out for a spin to see how much I remembered about using it and boy am I rusty. Not only with using the controls, but remembering how it behaves in high-contrast lighting. I made it as far as Tom Sadler Bridge and back on foot this evening as most of my energy is still AWOL. I managed to get two shots off and that was it. Yay for being sick.

Still, I have my baby back and I’m going put her into high rotation and make more art with her. It feels great to have the G1X in my hands again after so long.

Top two pics taken with my 2012 Canon Powershot G1X, obviously. Images of the G1X made with my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, processed in Snapseed, and given Fauxlaroid borders in the VNTG app.

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