A Bad Day With A Camera

More Flowers

One of the big disappointments of my Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus was the lack of a macro feature. My S10 Plus had that, but Samsung held that feature back for only those to purchase the Ultra that year. Of course I discovered this after buying the S22 Plus, which was a step down from the Ultra. Damn it.

I have spent the past month roaring around with various dSLRs and mirrorless cameras ranging from the 2003 Canon EOS 300D to the 2020 Canon EOS R5 using a wide variety of macro lenses and extension tubes. However, I forgot that I had upgraded to a Samsung Galax S23 Ultra because it had macro ability. Time to bust it out again.

Sadly, the lilacs in front of my home are done for. These images are in black and white because there is serious brown fringing on a bunch of the blossoms. These are the good ones, over half were shriveled and dropping off the bush. That is the end for these two bushes.

The lilac bush to the left of my driveway is still hanging on, but the brown is starting to creep into it as well. It will be done by Monday and that will be the end of lilac season for me. It has been a good run so far.

I was already out and about in the yard with a camera, so it would have been churlish to ignore my wife’s lovely potted plants that she has put so much effort into keeping alive during a ban on outdoor watering. We have been using rain water, grey water, you name it, to keep the blossoms blooming.

My kid had her degree conferred upon her in the morning, we had a nice lunch, and a beautiful drive home from Edmonton with clear skies all the way, as seen above while we stopped in Red Deer.

The evening was spent drinking root beer, photographing the odd flower, and reminding our kid how proud we are of her. A perfect day.

Today’s camera was my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, with tasty macro goodness added in.

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