A Bad Day With A Camera

Even More Rain

I was a good boy and tried to take a lunch break. I barely made it to the end of the block before it started raining. I look the hint and went back home, set my camera bag to one side, and logged back into my work system. The bleeding heart flowers I saw across town the other night and that I wanted a piece of would have to wait.

I popped out again with a camera after supper and made a beeline for my electric scooter as the bleeding heart blossoms I previously saw along the walking path in Hillview were calling my name. I heard the rumble of thunder as I rolled down the street and finally saw around the trees to get a good luck at what was coming from the north.


I turned around and rolled back home. There were still lilacs in my yard and I haven’t had the reversed Helios lens out for over a week, so…

I felt like I had exhausted myself creatively, so I poked through my camera bag and pulled out my Pentacon 50mm Electric Red f1.8. It is another lens with a learning curve and I wasn’t have much luck with it.

I felt like I was just starting to hit my stride when the rain started, and boy did it rain. It poured for at least an hour before settling back into a gentle rain for another hour and a half. That was it for shooting flowers in my yard for the evening.

I headed back inside and called it a day. Hopefully the bleeding hearts will be there tomorrow.

Today’s kit: Canon EOS R5 with a Helios 44m-2 58mm f2.0 and also a Pentacon Electric, Red, 50mm f1.8, both manual, and both attached to the R5 via adapters.

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