A Bad Day With A Camera

Not According to Plan

Today’s plan was to get up early, drink coffee, photograph the sunrise, drink more coffee, take in the recycling, and go paddle-boarding at Bowness Park. The day has been a partial success so far…

It’s a new day, Looking East, Strathmore, AB, 2024-06-08

Get up early? Check! Drink coffee? Half a cup so half a check mark. Sunrise photo? Check! Drink more coffee? (Sound of stomach gurgling.) Recycling? Check! Paddle-boarding? Not so fast, mister. Today’s expected high of 25C has moved into the middle of next week. All I have today is a high wind, and a cold one at that. Not paddle boarding weather. Damn it.

Now I need to figure out Plan B and see if there is anything local I can point a camera at.

This morning’s image courtesy of a DJI Mini 3 drone, Timothy’s Breakfast Blend, and a Cuisinart Keurig.

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