A Bad Day With A Camera

Time to Reflect

I continue to be impressed with my DJI Mini 3 drone. It manages to hold position over running water better than it’s predecessor. I was able to hover my drone half a meter over the irrigation canal for yet another shot of the Tom Sadler Bridge.

Reflections, Tom Sadler Bridge, Strathmore, AB, 2024-06-02

The skies had a bit of character after lunch and the wind had taken the afternoon off, so it seemed like a good time to send the drone out for a reflection shot off of the canal. Everything went well except for my forgetting to put on some bug repellent before heading out the door. It is challenging to slap at bugs and fly a mini aircraft at the same time, let me tell you. The nice thing about drones is they hover where you leave them when you take your thumbs off the joysticks.

I’m not excited about going to work tomorrow, but it was a pleasant weekend around town and around the home with The Missus. I also managed to get all of the past posts for the past week caught up finally, which feels great. I am thankful.

DJI Mini 3 for the win today. That is all.

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