A Bad Day With A Camera

Four Months

I am four months or one third of the way into my one year photo blogging project that I started for my friend Ray, since passed. The goal was to get out of my house once a day to take pictures and then post about it. I have mostly succeeded so far.

That looks like a refill on the way, Lower Gray Pond, Strathmore, AB, 2024-06-01

It has been 120 days from Feb 1, 2024 to May 31, 2024. In that time I have created 155 posts, or 1.3 posts/day (rounded up a nudge). I made it out of my house for photos on 118 of those 120 days. There were 2 days were I was so ill I used photos taken inside my home. I have not missed a day of posting yet, but sometimes I get so many photos in a day that it takes me a while to make the post and then I fall behind a bit, like I am right now (there are two days still to be uploaded as I am typing this).

After the sun goes down, Hwy 817 North, Wheatland County, AB, 2024-06-01

While I have managed to take photos every day, there is one day I have no photos to show for and that is May 28th, 2024. I thought I had backed off the MicroSD card before I overwrote it, but apparently not. I wound up reshooting the majority of the images on May 30th and will get around to the May 28th post soonish (when I stop being pissed off about the deleted images, if you must know). Shit happens and it is what it is. I’m pretty sure even a crank like Ray would forgive that.

So here’s the cool bit… I have put up 8,229 portfolio worthy images on my Flickr account since 2011 when I joined. 1012 of those images have been added in the past four months since I started this project. That is one hell of a bump in productivity with a camera, and I have Ray to thank for that.

He may be gone, but he is still keeping me going. That is friendship.

Incoming storm image over the pond was created using a DJI Mini 3 drone. The sunset shot from Hwy 817 came from my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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