A Bad Day With A Camera

I’ve Got Wood

No, not that kind of wood you pervert. This is a PG-rated blog because we’re all about family entertainment. Dysfunctional families, but still. If you’re looking for burning, passionate subject matter, this is the best I can do for you:

What I mean to say is that I scored some firewood. A fellow on Facebook Marketplace was selling truck boxes of pine for $100, which is a decent price these days. Even better, he ran late delivering it so he threw in an extra half box at no charge. His being late wasn’t a big deal to me, but I’m not complaining about getting extra wood. A guy my age always appreciates help in that department. (cough)

Moving it from our back driveway to under the deck where we stacked it was a bit of a chore. I’m having some issues with low blood pressure so I can only do so much standing and bending before my vision goes white and I’m on the ground. Hat tip to the missus for finishing moving it that evening.

An enjoyable time was spent listening to the fire crackle, getting the odd photo of hot coals, and drinking root beer from a chilled mug on a pleasant spring evening. My wife likes poking at a fire with a stick and was in her element. Life can be pretty good sometimes.

These images were made using a Canon EOS 50D and my Canon 70-300mm EF IS USM f4.5-5.6 lens.

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