A Bad Day With A Camera

Fire in the Hole

This week has been mostly productive photographically. Mostly. There is a gap where the post for the 28th should be, and that is because some asshat of a photographer overwrote the MicroSD card containing that day’s images. It is currently being deep scanned by recovery software to see if any of the files can be brought back from the afterlife.

Fire in the hole, Lower Gray Pond, Strathmore, AB, 2024-05-30

If not, well, I did realize it and reshoot the images a couple days later, so that will have to do if I am replacing that day’s work. Otherwise, I am out with a camera every day and getting images I like. After many evenings of misfires trying to get a good sunset over Lower Gray Pond, I finally hit paydirt. The wind dropped, the colour came up in the sky, and I got my shot I had been trying over a week for in the bag.

Missing images aside, Thursday was a very good day.

The DJI Mini 3 photography drone rides again. A Canon EOS 50D also got pulled out of the closet to replace the missing images if they are unrecoverable, but that is another post.

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