A Bad Day With A Camera

Things Are Looking Up

I reached new heights with the drone today, namely 310m in elevation above ground. This was after carefully looking, listening, and searching for the presence of other aircraft.

Storm to the Southwest, Aerial View, Strathmore, AB, 2024-05-23

NavCanada has a list of things you must not do as with a drone and list of things you should not do with a drone. The list is most permissive for the owners of microdrones in that while I should not fly above 120m as staying there or below is a best practice, it is not technically illegal. That had me flying high, as it were.

Today was a good day for me. I joined the staff in our Strathmore branch of Western Financial Group for our annual National Walk. I was having some health struggles at this time last year and, while I particpated, I didn’t walk with the group. Rather, I rode my eScooter. This year I trotted along with the rest of the staff. More importantly, I wasn’t the slowest person for a change.

Everyone who remembered me from last year remembered seeing more of me than what appeared today. Above left was taken this morning in front of the mirror. Above right is me before. The difference is I that I used to weigh 310 lbs and now I weigh 228 lbs as of yesterday morning. I am not half the man I used to be yet, but that is close to being my goal.

If I reach my goal weight of 165 lbs, I will have shed almost 50% of my body weight (47.3%). I have passed the halfway point on my journey with 82 lbs gone. I have 63 lbs left to go. I’m over the hump and starting to believe I can do this. I’m feeling much better overall as well. I can walk farther and faster. Breathe better. I hurt less. I have more energy.

Maintaining an attitude of gratitude is an ongoing theme on this diary, however I am especially grateful today. It is not only good to still be alive, but it is also great to be feeling more alive as my health improves.

Walking me taken with a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Mirror me taken with an iPhone 11. Large blob me may have been taken with my wife’s old Motorola, but I am not certain.

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