A Bad Day With A Camera

Another Twirl Around the Yard

It remained cold and damp yesterday so I’m afraid I didn’t make it much past my yard again. However, there were blossoms and I had my Helios lens and also a macro, so that was good enough for me.

Our ornamental crab apple tree is butt ugly most of the time, but it has produced a couple of usable blossoms so far and I tried to take advantage of that. There are better looking trees elsewhere in town and I will be sure to photograph them.

Am I overdoing it with Mayday Tree blossom pictures? Probably. Do I care? Not in the least. I’m going to photograph the hell out of these poor things with my Helios until every single blossom is gone.

I am still trying to get some good images of the lilac using my Reversed Helios lens as well, but this plant doesn’t really work with that lens. It hasn’t stopped me from trying.

This same lilac bush does work very nicely with Ray’s Canon EOS 7D he left me using a Canon 70-300mm EF IS USM lens with a 24mm extension tube added to it. The poor man’s macro to be sure, but if it works we take it.

I also used Ray’s kit to photograph the Mayday flowers as well, and also a purple something something my wife bought at a local greenhouse. I cannot remember the name of flowers and when I try I usually get it wrong. Ray took great delight in mocking me over this. It pissed me off at the time, but I would give anything to have him grind my gears over my lousy memory just one more time.

The evening ended with a drone flight. I noted with amusement that The Weather Network and its radar said we had a clear sky at 9 pm last night. Oh, really? Go home Weather Network, you’re drunk. Again.

It was a damp, crummy day, but pick up a camera and it’s a suddenly a good day. I’m okay with that.

I used a DJI Mini 3 drone for the sunset image, a Canon EOS R5 with a Helios 44m-2 58mm f2.0 lens, and a Canon EOS 7D with a 70-300mm EF IS USM lens stacked with a 12mm extension tube.

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