A Bad Day With A Camera

The Ziegel. Again.

Cold. Wet. Splattery. Those are the three words I have to describe Monday, May 20th, which was also the statuory holiday known as Victoria Day in Canada. Vic was a famously dour English Monarch, so it is fitting that the day’s weather matched her temperament.

I dug out my Bozart Ziegel toy camera and wandered around outside with it between bouts of the cold splatter to see what I could do with the new blossoms and growth. It wasn’t much.

The wind was tossing the trees around a lot and the light was low, no point in trying to do any work with a macro lens or the helios. Really, no point in doing much of anything. Cold wet weather is anathema to the arthritis in my hands and using the camera was unpleasant.

I did what I could with the new life in the back yard, but most of the shots didn’t work out to my satisfaction. Not even the ones of the Mayday Trees, which are fairly bursting right now.

I did wander briefly into the park to see if there was anything interesting happening there, but not really. While a bad day with a camera usually beats a good day doing anything else, it is also nice to have warm hands that don’t hurt, so I threw in the towel for the day.

The camera used for today’s images was small, akward, and turquoise coloured. Okay? Okay.

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