A Bad Day With A Camera

The Road Home

We headed home from East Central Alberta around 11 am on Sunday morning. The morning started out nice enough, but then the clouds rolled in. Not just clouds, either. More forest fire smoke found its way south from the north country.

Gathering storm, Looking south of Three Hills, Hwy 27, Alberta, 2024-05-19

We alternately ran through patches of smoke and rain on the three plus hour drive home. The rain was nice because it would knock the smoke down for fifteen minutes before your eyes started to burn again. The wind, well, that was a constant. Both Jennifer and I had sore arms by the end of the drive from trying to keep our minivan from being blown into a ditch.

On the road again, East of Castor,
Alberta, 2024-05-19
Road to Perdition, East of Castor,
Alberta, 2024-05-19

The stormy skies did add some interest to a long and dull drive, so that was nice. There was also … The Liquor Pig. No, really:

Liquor Pig, Signage, Hwy 21, Alberta, 2024-05-19

The fact that this marketing works tells you everything you need to know about the redneck, knuckle-dragging part of the country that I live in. I remember looking at the sign, turning to my wife, and saying, “we’re in Danielle Smith country.” (For those not in the know, she is our province’s premier and answer to Donald Trump, except even slimier.)

ing into the next squall, Hwy 817, West of Hanna, Alberta, 2024-05-19

I am pleased to report we made it back to Strathmore, Alberta, safe and sound. The rest of the day was spent decompressing and watching bad television. There was also lemonade.

These images all came from my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra mobile phone. I did not want to pull out an expensive camera body in that wind and have it blow away into Saskatchewan. Bleh.

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