A Bad Day With A Camera

Sunnyridge Farm

This farm is where my wife grew up and where we lived just down the road from for almost a decade while my daughter was between the ages of 3 and 12. I have done a lot of photography there over the years, but I have never been able to get photos of the entire farm in a single image before.

Morning Flyover 01, Sunnyridge Farm, Kirriemuir, Alberta, 2024-05-19
Morning Flyover 02, Sunnyridge Farm,
Kirriemuir, Alberta, 2024-05-19
Morning Flyover 03, Sunnyridge Farm,
Kirriemuir, Alberta, 2024-05-19

Owning a photography drone is obviously a game changer in this department. There are a couple of aerial images of the farm in the farmhouse, but the newest one is from 1994. The farm was a going concern back then and was much tidier. Things have gone downhill since as both of its owners are in a long-term care facility now.

Evening view from the west, Kirriemuir, Alberta, 2024-05-18

I’m not sure how much longer this place will remain in the family. Not that much longer, is my guess. Bit of a shame, but time moves on.

Sunnyridge Farm, Long Flyover with DJI Mini 3, No audio, Kirriemuir, AB, 2024-05-19

I also did a nine minute video flyover with my drone as the wind was starting to come up. Please excuse my poor piloting. I’m generally good enough to get to where I need to for photos, but I’m not one of those people who flies a drone around for video or for fun. To me it is a camera on a taller than normal tripod and that is how I use it.

Anyhow, this is what the farm I have been photographing for nearly a quarter century in one way or another looks like in its entirety.

All images and video courtesy of my DJI Mini 3 drone that I managed not to fly into some wires at around the four minute mark, thankfully.

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