A Bad Day With A Camera

Completely Bushed

Three and a half hours of travel from Strathmore to the town of Consort. Twenty-five minutes from Consort to the in-laws’ farm. Forty-five minutes from the farm to Provost, Alberta, to visit the in-laws in the Long Term Care they currently reside in. And then there were people, which is even more exhausting for me.

I wasn’t exactly feeling it by the time we arrived in Provost, yet there was still the matter of making some images. I didn’t know if I’d be up to making more later in the evening back at the farm as my energy was already draining. There were some bushes out front of the hospital and I had at them.

The images were captured in what I consider to be a Ray van der Woning Production. That means they were shot on my phone, run through some hipster filters in the Snapseed app on my phone, and uploaded directly to the Web like Ray would have done. No dSLR, no computer, no Photoshop, no fuss.

There was a scraggly looking tree in the parking lot and it also got loved up by my mobile phone. Having a few images in the bag for today I headed inside and wished my mother-in-law a happy seventy-ninth birthday. I also tried to talk to my father-in-law for a moment, but I don’t think he remembers who I am now. It’s a shame to see him like this.

I did get more images later in the day as it turns out and I will upload them and write another blog tomorrow, but not tonight. I really am bushed.

Images courtesy of a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone. Processing courtesy of the free Snapseed editing app. Blog post courtesy of a Fire 10 tablet that has been unlocked to run Google Play software because I was too lazy to pack my laptop for this trip.

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