A Bad Day With A Camera

Flower Power

Blossoms are starting to bust out all over town. Come my lunch break I zoomed out the front door with my Canon R5, the Reversed Helios, and a spare battery. So far this year I have had tiny lilac buds and Mayday Tree blossoms to shoot. Today I found something new…

The apple trees have started to blossom. I found one on Thomas Drive, I think one in Lambert Park, and two across the street from the park in front of the church whose name or denomination I can never remember.

Every Mayday Tree in town has popped at once as well. I photopraphed them in my yard, on two yards on Thomas Drive, one outside of Lambert Park, and another in Lambert Park. It was a good day for Maydays.

I am deeply enjoying the abstract, swirly bokeh effect from the Reversed Helios lens. I’m also hoping to bust out my bubble bokeh lens over the new few days as well when the leaves in the trees get denser leaving tiny light gaps. I am just so sorry that Ray wasn’t able to hang on for spring because he was so excited to see what I was going to do with these lenses. I hope that somehow, somewhere, he still can.

Today’s kit: The Canon EOS R5 and my Pentacon Electric, Red, 50mm f1.8 manual lens fitted via adapters.

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