A Bad Day With A Camera

Ending on a High Note

It was another frustrating day at work of not being able to keep up and not being able to work on the things I wanted to or needed to. I normally skip lunch breaks, but not today. Nothing I was doing was clearing away the mess so I figured the best thing I could do was step away from it for a bit.

Sunset, Looking NW from Thomas Drive, Strathmore, AB, 2024-04-10

I made it to 5:00 pm and survived the workday. I also got to use Ray’s 7D over lunch and again this evening while buzzing around town on my scooter. I put the drone up and got a sunset I loved. And I have my gear packed and ready to go for aurora pictures that are supposed to happen overnight today and tomorrow.

Today was a good day and I’m grateful for it, even the parts I didn’t like so much.

Sunset image courtesy of my DJI Mini 3 photography drone, which continues to amaze in strong winds.

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