A Bad Day With A Camera

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My wife has gone very deep into using new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in K-12 education. She has not only been recognized for her expertise in her own school division where she teaches high school English, she is also getting some recognition at home and abroad. Last month she was speaking at a conference in Denver, CO. This month…

At Monsoon Restaurant & Bar, Holiday Inn Convention Centre Edmonton South, Edmonton, AB, 2024-04-06

We found ourselves at the Holiday Inn Convention Centre Edmonton South where she was speaking at another conference on Tuesday, May 7th. Me? I was along as the chauffeur and as a sort of emotional support animal. We stopped at Monsoon Restaurant and Bar around 9 pm for a late bite to eat as we headed north from Strathmore without having supper. For anyone I know in Edmonton thinking of eating at Monsoon, don’t. It’s mediocre at best and the butter chicken tasted like it was made using Campbell’s tomato soup.

Hallway, Holiday Inn Convention Centre Edmonton South, Edmonton, AB, 2024-04-06

For some reason I take shots of hotel hallways when I am in hotels. I am pretty sure I have one for each hotel I have stayed in since I got my first digital camera in 2001. This is the perfunctory image from this voyage.

I did get my image a day this week and I am catching up on posting now, but not a lot happened with cameras, to be honest. This week was about supporting my wife and visiting a friend.

Images made with a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and not either of the two other cameras I packed — with lenses — and then did not use. Arf.

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