A Bad Day With A Camera

Screw That Noise

There is a serious drought going on in our province, which means we are to act appropriately grateful when any sort of precipitation appears, and cheer it in whatever form it appears in. Yeah, well, no. Screw that noise.

Another Dreary Day, My Deck, Strathmore, AB, 2024-05-01

The afternoon was drizzly with a cold, driving wind. I did not wish to go out in it so I simply pointed my camera at the patio window and documented the reason for my dissent. The morning? Well…

…the morning was all kinds of fuck me. The one good thing I will say for the day is that the temperature never dropped below freezing, so the nearly inch of snow that Mother Nature shat on us in the morning was gone by mid-afternoon. It was still cold as hell and my arthritic hands did not like it one bit.

I spent the evening catching up on work at my remote workstation and crossed my fingers for Thursday.

The rain splattery deck image was created using a Canon EOS 50D with a Canon 17-40mm EF L USM f4-5.6 lens. The morning snow images were grabbed with my Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra.

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