A Bad Day With A Camera

Put Out to Pasture

The Missus and I were scrolling through Facebook and and there was suddenly a flash of purple. The crocuses are blooming again. For those who are not familiar, they are an adorable little purple flower that appears in the prairies for a couple of weeks at most in the spring of the year. We needed to see them for ourselves. I reached out to my acquaintance on Facebook and she graciously agreed to let us visit her acreage to go crocus hunting.

Unsettled skies, Wheatland County, AB, 2024-04-21

Her ranch is gorgeous. It was a tempestuous and windy afternoon with the threat of rain on the horizon, so my wife and I both got windswept as we hiked about a kilometre out into the pasture where we did indeed find crocuses.

It’s time for your close-up, Crocuses, Wheatland
County, AB, 2024-04-21
Closed for the day, Crocuses, Wheatland County,
AB, 2024-04-21

Most of my shots did not turn out – it is difficult to photograph small plants when a strong wind is whipping them back and forth. I did my best under the circumstances.

There was not much colour yet aside from the crocuses and a few rocks covered in a bright orange lichen. There were also horses.

When you’re liken a lichen, Wheatland
County, AB, 2024-04-21
A pleasant retirement, Wheatland
County, AB, 2024-04-21

The ranch is actually an equine learning and wellness facility that people can sign up for and attend. The full name is Peaceful Pastures Equine Facilitated Learning and they have a website.

The facility is run by Pam Metzger, who I met while volunteering last year. Pam is one of those people who radiates an aura of kindness and sets those around her at ease. She has a beautiful yard, and her operation looks like a great place to go and get some horse cuddles (the horses are all cuddlers, believe me). Definitely check it out, if you are so inclined.

I used two cameras today. A Canon EOS 40D and an R5. The 40D was using my Canon 17-40mm EF L USM f4-5.6 lens and the R5 my SMC PENTAX-A 100mm f/2.8 manual focus macro lens.

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