A Bad Day With A Camera

Breaking the Ice

The ponds in Gray Park have been frozen over since the end of October 2023, and I have been waiting forever for them to open up again. Yesterday was that day, but high winds prevented me from sending the drone out to them for a sunset shot. It was a shame because it wasn’t a bad sunset at all.

On the wane, Lower Gray Pond, Strathmore, AB, 2024-04-19

There was not much, if anything, happening in tonight’s sky at dusk, but there was also no wind, leaving the surface of the lower and upper ponds as smooth as glass. That almost never happens, so it is a shame to waste it. I sent the drone half a kilometer away and collected my images.

Spring is here even if it is happening in fits and starts. The ice is gone and the birds are returning, along with my motivation to hold a camera (or remote control). I am thankful for the improved weather and also for this day.

Today’s image courtesy of a DJI Mini 3 photography drone.

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