A Bad Day With A Camera

Not So Good Friday

You definitely get looks from people when you’re out standing in the middle of a snow-storm pointing a lens longer than your arm at something, all the while wearing obviously inadequate winter clothing. Which is what I was doing.

Good Friday Eh, Tom Sadler Bridge, Strathmore, AB, 2024-03-29

I didn’t make it out of the house yesterday and, by God, it was not happening two days in a row even if do continue to feel horrible. I grabbed a tripod and my camera with the JFBL* hanging off the front and trudged down to the walking path to snag at least one shot today.

I took the shot as quickly as I could because I was, a) freezing, and b) the people slowing down to stare at me were getting on my nerves. Today, I fulfilled my promise to Ray. Here’s hoping tomorrow is more conducive to photography. I am sick to death of snow, so getting more of the white crap made this Good Friday not so good for me.

Today’s diary entry was captured using a Canon EOS R5 and my Sigma 150-600mm 5-6.3 Contemporary DG OS HSM lens a.k.a. the Jayzus Freakin’ Big Lens (JFBL).

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