A Bad Day With A Camera

The Dagwood

The sky was grey, and the wind was bitter and cold. Yesterday’s warmth was fleeting as winter returned today. Also returned was my head cold as I have been eating cold meds all day. I just didn’t have it in me to go outside, so I made it as far as my kitchen. And I made a sandwich.

Not a Dagwood, Strathmore, AB, 2024-03-28

I used to read the Blondie comic strip as a kid. The artwork was dated even then (half a century back), and a lot of the humour went straight over my head. Blondie was married to a fellow named Dagwood, and he worked a job he didn’t like. That was because of his boss, Mr. Dithers, who I also didn’t like. Dagwood’s main pleasure in life was making his outlandishly large sandwiches. Those I liked!

The sandwiches became known as Dagwoods in popular culture and they contained outlandish ingredients like a whole roasted chicken or ham. I occasionally tried to make Dagwoods at home when I was younger, but I would always get busted by my mom or grandmother and made to put most of the excess food back in the fridge. Later, after my mom went blind, it did lower my odds of getting busted while making the sandwich, but there was the more pressing issue of lacking the ingredients (I have mentioned food insecurity elsewhere).

I made sandwiches for supper this evening and, as always, there was the temptation to make myself a Dagwood. Except I have reached that stage in my life where I still have a prodigious belly, but a much smaller appetite. I can order off the fifty-five plus menu now and not be able to finish the smaller meal that is brought out. Ergo, there will be no Dagwood sandwiches for me ever again.

But, hey, I did enjoy the sandwich, and I did manage to pick up a camera and take a picture even when I was feeling wretched. I would have liked to have made it outside for a picture today, but realistically, there are days where poor health forces one to be more modest about one’s expectations. I still ended the day with a photo, so I’ll take the win.

Today’s image was made using bread, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, and some sliced homemade chicken loaf I had in the freezer. Also, a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Sadly, there were no pickles.

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