A Bad Day With A Camera

Under the Weather

The day started out with chills and mild nausea. I had progressed to a three-alarm migraine by quitting time and the nausea was profound. I tossed my supper by 6:00 pm. What goes in must indeed come back out, and I can say with some certainty that while Indian food tastes great when ingested, the reverse is not true. I am definitely under the weather this evening.

It can always get worse, Thornbriar Green, Strathmore, AB, 2024-03-20

As to the weather itself… Just gawd. Remember how I complained about the weather at the start of the month? Today I received an object lesson on how things can always be worse. The snow started at 9:00 pm last night and we had well over a foot by the time I snapped this image from my front sidewalk. The boffins on TV say we’ll receive a record amount of the white shit by the weekend. I would have liked to have gotten more snowfall images, but I can’t stray too far from a washroom. This is it for today.

On the bright side, it’s moisture. We’ll take moisture however we can get it at this point in the drought cycle we’re caught in.

I think I may have made this image with my Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra, but I am not certain. I feel so shitty I am having trouble remembering.

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