A Bad Day With A Camera

Any Landing You Walk Away From

Crash landing is too harsh a term, but my DJI Mini 2 drone bounced so hard this morning that I bent a prop. There doesn’t appear to be any obvious damage, but the rear port motor looks to be done. I had just finished capturing my sunrise panoramic when the motor error flashed up again and the drone began descending quickly on its own. Really quickly.

It’s a new day, 100m Above Thornbriar Green, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-03-19

I managed to guide it back towards my front yard as it descended, relying on guesswork since the gimbal, which already had issues, couldn’t be aimed straight down due to the failing motor pitching the aircraft upward. I did get it over my yard and the poor thing bounced off the grass next to the weeping willow and landed upside-down. I replaced the bent propeller with one of the spares the drone came with and tried to see if it would take off, but it refused to. The rear port motor twitches and buzzes, but it no longer spins up as it should.

This is not a problem I need right now. Damn it.

This is the last image from my DJI Mini 2 drone unless I start taking photographs by throwing it at stuff.

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