A Bad Day With A Camera

Canon Powershot G7 Test

I owned a Canon G7 Powershot some years back and loved it until it died. I was left with G7 accessories and no G7 to use them on. I shoved them into the closet and forgot about them. Last month I found an untested G7 for auction on eBay dirt cheap. It was two hours from the close of auction and there were no bids. I threw my hat in and won.

Nowhere to go, Old Caboose, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-03-08
Wheel, Old Caboose, Strathmore,
Alberta, 2024-03-08
Vintage lamp, Old Caboose, Strathmore,
Alberta, 2024-03-08

I went to The Station restaurant here in Strathmore over my lunch hour to put the recently arrived G7 through its paces. There is an old caboose in the parking lot that I hadn’t explored with a camera yet, so today seemed as good a time as any.

CPR logo, Old Caboose, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-03-08

I’m glad I didn’t pay much for this thing because it has some issues. It is sharp in the center, but the sharpness falls off quickly towards the edges. I suspect someone dropped it in the past. The autofocus is also quirkier than my old G7’s was. Well, whatever. It will make a good toy camera where image defects and quality aren’t as important. It’s still a win for me.

I also brought along some of my Lensbaby Omni toys and played around with a prism filter a bit. It is hard as heck to use with the G7, I’ll tell you that.

Making light of the situation, Old Caboose,
Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-03-08
Rainbows, Old Caboose, Strathmore, Alberta,

I think the Omni toys are something I will leave aside for a while longer until it warms up outside. I will also use them with the filter ring attachment because doing it freehand just doesn’t work.

CPR livery, Old Caboose, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-03-08

Click the livery image above to embiggen it. Once again, the image quality falls off toward the edges. There’s no need to shoot test charts to see how bad it is, as a quick glance is enough. My new Powershot G7 is definitely a lomo style camera and I’ll have to think about how best to use it.

As to the caboose, my lunch hour shoot confirmed my fears about it. Whoever put it there strategically placed it so that the background is distracting and awful no matter which angle you come at it from, which is why I have put off shooting it for over three years. Ugh.

If you weren’t paying attention, the images in this article came from a Canon Powershot G7 I purchased used. You’re welcome.

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