A Bad Day With A Camera

A Good Start

The drone continues to fight me when I use it. This morning, it produced a persistent gimbal calibration error that won’t go away. It didn’t prevent me from manually adjusting the gimbal and launching the drone for still photographs, but it won’t work well for recording flights on video now. The gimbal is not auto-adjusting during flight to keep the horizon level. I’m forced to choose between repairing and upgrading while keeping the current unit as a backup. I researched the repair and it exceeds the value of the drone.

A good start to the day, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-03-08

It wasn’t how I wanted to begin my Friday, but… It IS Friday and my much-needed two-day break is almost at hand once I make it through the workday. The temperature is going back up and we could see some serious snow melt over the weekend. I am done with snow at this point. Most importantly to me, I overcame adversity first thing in the morning and still got the image I wanted. That’s a good omen on any day. With that in mind…

Thank you for this day.

This morning’s image was made with a malfunctioning DJI Mini 2 drone that can no longer see straight. Kind of like me.

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