A Bad Day With A Camera

The Conundrum

A decaying homestead to the south of Mossleigh, Alberta is an ongoing challenge for me. I seem to drive past it once or twice a year and I can never get shots that work as I want them to. The light is wrong or the sky is wrong or the foreground is wrong.

Homestead South of Mossleigh, Vulcan County, Alberta, 2024-02-29

I believe today’s effort to be my best yet. Good directional, but not overly harsh lighting and a decent foreground allowing for an interesting composition. But that sky. Oh well. It was a good trip to Vulcan and a good shoot with a wonderful vintage digital camera. For that reason…

Thank you for this day.

Note: The image in this diary entry was created with a Canon EOS 10D using a Canon 17-40mm EF L USM f4 lens.

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