A Bad Day With A Camera

On Winter’s Edge

My injured shoulder is now even more injured thanks to moving furniture there should have been furniture movers to move, but there were not. Our home is a wreck. I am tired of living on takeout. My back aches like a sore tooth. Oh, and winter is back. It’s March in a few days, but we now have one of the January cold snaps we missed out on before it decided it was showing up late. It’s currently -22C outside and -33C if you count wind chill. Gross. I am trying to maintain an attitude of gratitude and it is hard today.

Just put it in park, Thornbriar Green, Calgary, Alberta, 2024-02-27
Quit playing around, Thornbriar Green,
Calgary, Alberta, 2024-02-27
Mail call, Thornbriar Green, Calgary,
Alberta, 2024-02-27
Spring on hold, Thornbriar Green, Calgary, Alberta, 2024-02-27

I do still have a house to live in even if it looks like a war zone inside and I can afford takeout and also groceries. My cat is back from the pet kennel and glad to see me, I have gotten much love from him. I do have a lot to be grateful for.

Thank you for this day.

Note: All images in this post were created with my Bonzart Ziegel toy digicam. The frames on the bottom three images were not done in-camera but added in ON1 Effects 10 which I refuse to update because the old version still works so well for me.

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