A Bad Day With A Camera

A Bad Day’s Night

Thick fog rolled in just after midnight. I really should have been in bed, but it was a good chance to play with both the used Bonzart Ziegel and Canon EOS 300D cameras I had recently purchased.

The Ziegel has a small sensor. Really really really small. Like maybe half the size of my pinky fingernail small. The smaller the sensor, the more horrid it is for working in the dark because of the noise and artifacts in the images it produces. The Ziegel can only be used after sunset in situations with a LOT of light added.

The Station in the Fog, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-02-26 (Bonzart Ziegel)

The photo of The Station Restaurant and Pub was only usable thanks to some AI-powered noise removal software. Will I still use my Bonzart Ziegel in the dark? Sure, but only when there is a lot of light in the environment. Here are some comparison images for you…

A&W in the fog, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-02-25 (Bonzart Ziegel)
A&W in the fog, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-02-25 (Canon EOS 300D)
Wheatland Elementary in the fog, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-02-25 (Bonzart Ziegel)
Wheatland Elementary School, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-02-25 (Canon EOS 300D)

The Bonzart Ziegel is a 2021 camera model. It’s using fairly recent technology. The Canon EOS 300D is a circa 2003 digicam based on tech that is now considered very outdated. But. BUT. The 300D has an APS-C sized sensor that is quite large compared to the sensor in the Ziegel. See the difference a larger sensor makes?

The last stop, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-02-25

The photo of the Travelodge sign and the old railway caboose is at the very edge of what the Bonzart Ziegel can do.

Fog on Thomas Drive, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-02-26 (Canon EOS 300D)

I tried photographing the fog on Thomas Drive using the Ziegel and no amount of work with AI noise filters was able to salvage the image. The 300D coughed out a usable image on the first try. Now that I know how the Ziegel behaves in the dark I can start having fun with it. And boy, do I intend to have some fun.

Note: Images were either created using a Bonzart Ziegel or a Canon EOS 300D. The caption indicates the camera used. Well, that and the quality.

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