A Bad Day With A Camera

Bin There, Done That

Saturday was spent dealing with the aftermath of having the Flooring Company from Hell working on our home. The place was not finished on time as promised. The place reeked of chemicals and made me sick all night. Our furniture was not moved professionally around the upstairs as promised by the flooring company, but dragged around unprofessionally by a complete nincompoop, damaging it.

We had to extend our cat’s stay in the boarding place by two days because we didn’t know if the nincompoop was going to be working over the weekend to finish the floor (news flash: he wasn’t). I’m missing my cat.

Bins against a prairie sky, Wheatland County, Alberta, 2024-02-24

On the bright side, I’m alive. I have a roof over my head. I can afford groceries. I am going to have my cat back on Monday evening, and I saw a beautiful sky on our trip home from IKEA to buy some shelving for my wife’s office. With the latter in mind, it is only appropriate to say…

Thank you for this day.

Note: The sole image in this diary entry was made with a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone. It’s the camera you carry to call 911 on and occasionally use to capture a photo that you weren’t expecting to capture.

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