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Coffee Stop

Calories are the best cure I know of for stress, at least until you step on the scale a day or so later. We had to drop Aristaeus, our cat, off at the cat hotel for the week so he’s not in the house for the flooring replacement. The cat hotel is quite swanky from the feline perspective and the fuzz beast is even getting daily body massages over the next few days. I still feel awful for leaving him there so we stopped at Starbucks in Chestermere on the way home as I needed to drown my guilt in a sugary beverage.

Cup of capitalism, Starbucks, Chestermere, Alberta, 2024-02-19

Starbucks is selling a new Pistachio Latte and it is mediocre at best. The drink was rather flavourless and didn’t taste of pistachios or much of anything else. I suggest giving it a pass. It’s always irritating when you save up your weight loss calories for a treat outside of the home and, when you finally get it, it disappoints. I need to stop going to Starbucks.

It’s spelled Sean, Starbucks, Chestermere,
Alberta, 2024-02-19
Needful things, Starbucks, Chestermere,
Alberta, 2024-02-19

It would also be nice if they spelled my name right just once (they haven’t yet in over three decades). Sean is the most common spelling followed by Shawn and then Shaun. Shane, which is another way my name is misspelled ranks near the bottom in popularity of variations of my name.

I hope that the Shawns and Shauns get their name spelled like mine. They certainly have it coming as it is well known that they are shifty ne’er-do-wells who can’t be trusted with pointy objects or even a bad tasting cup of coffee.

Grindhouse, Starbucks, Chestermere, Alberta, 2024-02-19

The one thing I do like about Starbucks is their free, fast wi-fi access. I especially like being able to access it from outside their franchise without having to purchase anything. 🙂

Pick up your drink, Starbucks, Chestermere, Alberta, 2024-02-19

The Missus and I had been looking forward to relaxing with our lattes in the restaurant, but every Starbucks is always noisy and distracting. We had a fellow talking loudly into his phone next to us and the staff were hammering and banging all manner of things behind the counter. We had five minutes of awkward conversation that boiled down to:

“What?” “Beg pardon.” “I’m sorry I missed that.” “Come again?”

We finally gave up and rolled. We’re spending a few days in Calgary for the Teacher’s Convention that my wife is attending later this week and I’m certain there will be more coffee stops, but hopefully not at Starbucks. We deserve better.

Note: The camera used for this diary entry was ye olde Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. It is trusted because it always spells my name right.

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