A Bad Day With A Camera

Making House Calls

A sneak preview of hell would have been a great way of describing what I looked like when I hit my desk at work this morning. It’s a good thing I’m a remote worker as any manager would have taken one look and fired me on principal. It was a long night and then it was a long day. I didn’t sleep last night. Well, okay I did, but I’m not counting half an hour of nightmares so wild I didn’t want to try sleeping again until this evening. Work itself was absatively vile today, too. Vile.

Five o’clock rolled around and I realized I hadn’t made any images yet because I missed my lunch break. Jennifer and I rolled out the door to score some fish-in-a-barrel images by taking photos of illuminated signs on Strathmore’s main street. Guess what, there aren’t any that look any good in the dark (especially our theatre that runs its marquee for thirty seconds at a time, I swear). Most of the cheap-ass merchants turn theirs off by six o’clock from the look of it.

Residential neighbourhood to the rescue…

Old Yeller, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-02-06
Leave the Porch Light On, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-02-06

That’s as far as I got this evening. Two whole shots. I had to come back home and work some more so that was the end of the pixel hunt. Yay.

Now I will go to bed and try to catch up on the sleep deficit. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a less bad day with a camera.

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