A Bad Day With A Camera

Monday Blahs

I am extending the word “blah” to this particular sunset. The sun was dropping behind a ridge of clouds hugging the horizon and the interesting lighting in the clouds was fading fast as I flew my drone into position.

Muted sunset, Thornbriar Green, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-02-05

There was a bit of pink/orange left in the clouds, but it was barely visible and it took some serious tweaking in Photoshop to enhance it. I swiveled the drone around before bringing it in for a landing and discovered that there was more life on the eastern horizon thanks to the Alpenglow.

Sunset Alpenglow, Thornbriar Green, Strathmore, Alberta, 2024-02-05

Once again, the colours in the Alpenglow were very muted and there was some tweaking needed in Photoshop to bring out what was there, but faded and dull. This looks like more what I saw in my head than what I saw on the horizon if we’re being honest. (I’m something of a ho when it comes to the saturation slider.)

It was nice to pull the drone out of the closet and send it up for a buzz around. It has been idle for too long.

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