A Bad Day With A Camera

A Dollar Short

“Let’s go to the dollar store,” my wife said. “Sure,” I said. She needed to restock her candy dish at work because she apparently feeds feral teachers in her office out of it. I just needed out of the house.

Everything is lining up, Dollarama, Strathmore, Alberta. 2024-02-01
Coloured poster paper, Dollarama, Strathmore, Alberta. 2024-02-01
Miss Vickie’s chips, Dollarama, Strathmore, Alberta. 2024-02-01

The images are nothing special, it was just a case of looking for colours, lines, and repeating elements while waiting for my wife to find her goodies. I also had to watch out for the Dollarama employees who cluck disapprovingly if they see you using a camera in the store.

It’s nice to get out twice with a camera in the same day.

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